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Sam Lee

Ivan Yong

Ivan and Sam share some common grounds despite the ten years difference in their age.

Ivan never misses an opportunity to remind Sam about this, of course in the presence of others.

Now for the common grounds; both are alumni of Nanyang Technological University (NTU), living in Hong Kong and working in the Human Resources Industry. 

Ivan is an organizational psychologist and advises mostly MNCs clients on talent management with his expertise on personality profiling, whereas Sam has a business in executive search.
Ivan & Sam are also business partners - two of the three co-founders of Nanyang Angelz as they are keen in the start-up scene in the regions.

Probably the most significant similarity for both is their love for reading since they were little kids!

Both Ivan and Sam did not come from English speaking family environment back then.

On hindsight, reading improved their language skills and general knowledge.

A good grasped of the English language also led to better understanding of other subjects in school and communications in general.
Fast forward to 2016.

When Ivan met Dr. Marion BLANK in Alabama USA - (Dr. BLANK is the creator of Reading Kingdom - an English reading/learning method that she has researched on for almost 40 years), - he immediately saw its potential not only as a commercial product but also as a 'social tool.'

It didn't take Ivan & Sam too long before they came up with GENUS, a social initiative to enable the less privileged children in the society learn English.

As in the maxim - "teaching them how to fish and not giving them the fish!"

Ivan and Sam are still learning to serve the community. 

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