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About Us

What is GENUS?

Powered by Nanyang Angelz, GENUS is a social initiative for children in the age group of about 4 to 10 years-old to learn English.

GENUS uses a ground-breaking and patented interactive online English learning program for children to enjoy learning English in the most effective and efficient way.

With contributions and sponsorship by both individuals and companies to GENUS, we will then go through non-governmental organizations (NGO), schools, churches and more to identify the children in needs to be the beneficiaries.   

We believe that with a working proficiency of English will enable these children to have a better chance for employment and to further upgrade themselves.


It's about teaching them 'how to fish' and not just 'giving them the fish'.

'GENUS' means “child” in Latin and we would like to encourage individuals, corporations, educators and parents to be part of the “i” that transforms GENUS to GENIUS.

We believe every child is a GENIUS and no child should be left behind!

​300 children from Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Greece learn English in 20 months.


GENUS in Philippines


GENUS in Malaysia


GENUS in Hong Kong


GENUS in Vietnam


GENUS in India

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